Friday, April 6, 2012


Great win tonight on the road for us in Dallas! Aldridge did his thing including a buzzer beater and Felton dropped 30. No thats not a misprint Felton had 30! Which brings me to my question to all Blazer fans, do we keep him or do we can him? Im not just saying this because of his game tonight but if we cant get an obvious upgrade (which I dont think we will get the opportunity) we HAVE to keep him. This has been his worst statistical season of his career. Top that with him not getting along with Nate and I say there is no way he has a repeat of this terrible season. With no lockout to deal with he has no excuses about working out and I truly believe he will be back to form next year. Obviously we would love to get Deron Williams, but we have to be realistic. The chances of that are slim. With the possible great draft picks we have coming to us we should be able to get a good front court player and a good guard. This draft is going to be pretty deep and with the way things are looking we have a good chance to have 2 lottery picks. Now dont get me wrong I do want to make the playoffs. Especially if we can get a first round matchup with San Antonio. If that happens I do believe we can get out of the first round. If we get matched up with the Thunder, that might be a different story. As much as I dislike them, and question their style of basketball they continue to win games. I give them no shot to win a title but they definitely could get to the championship. For the Blazers Im hoping we finish the season strong, but regardless on if we make the playoffs or not I just hope that management is smart with these picks we have, and in my opinion I think we should keep them and draft 2 quality players instead of trading picks for veterans. Its time we build through the draft and develop these young players. I dont care if it takes 10 years I want the Blazers to bring a championship back to Portland. We deserve it! #Ripcity

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