Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Im getting very curious about what the Blazers front end office is going to do this offseason. Are we even gonna hire a GM or what? I think there are a couple must do's. Batum and Hickson need to be signed. Batum is so versitale because he can play and guard multiple postitions, he is great in the open court and he can create his shot when he needs too. He's only 23 years old too so he hasn't even reached his prime yet. Hickson is a freakin horse. We've needed a player like this for awhile. No offense to LA, (because they are different players) Hickson can take the ball to the rack hard and finish. He will straight shit on you (Ala DeAndre Jordan). Not to mention he can hit jumpers and play pretty good D. I don't want Crawford to leave, but I think him and Felton will go so we can have some cap room to sign a better PG. Don't forget about the good draft picks we are going to have. The Blazers don't look like they are going to make the playoffs so the chances of 2 lottery picks could look good. Even though I don't want to admit it, the Blazers probably need a couple rebuilding years unless we somehow get a superstar alongside Aldridge. There is no better way to do that then drafting a couple solid young players and developing them. We also need a coach. My guess is we will end up signing an assistant from some other team that I've never heard of. Caleb Kanales is doing ok and I think the players like him but Im not sure if he's ready for a full season of it yet. We need someone who is defensive minded because thats when I think we are at our best. When we started off this season so hot I think we were in the top 3 in defensive PPG. If we can get out in transition with guys like Batum, Hickson and LA we are a pretty good team. Defense always leads to offense. The Blazers of lately have had trouble scoring the ball in the half court offense so any help we can get in the transition game is a plus. One guy who has surprised me lately has been Babbitt. He is starting to play with some confidence and he can seriously shoot the ball. He's got good size too so hopefully he keeps getting better if he is going to be getting minutes. His defense is skeptical but what the hell, you can't expect every player to be good on both sides of the ball. All in all I just hope the Blazers don't do anything stupid because we are bound to get some good luck soon right???? RIPCITY!!

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  1. You know the old saying... "if it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck." The Blazers have had terrible luck the past three seasons but they've also had some bad management both in the front office and on the court. We didn't get a big man to offset the loss of Greg Oden and we didn't get an elite playmaker in the backcourt. But I'm optimistic for the future. Portland HAS TO change their history of horrible draft picks and the next two years could be the time to do it. Combine that with a coach who instills a winning culture and the Blazers could be right back in the mix.