Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What the whole nation witnessed last night was utter horror. Not even just the last play, but the entire game. Im pretty sure everyone is getting sick of the replacement refs, especially the Packers. That game was one of the worst officiated games in sports history. Both teams were getting called for ridiculous penalties. The "Fail Mary" as Im calling it, wasn't actually the worst call of the game but it is the call that has the entire fanhood of the NFL wondering just how much longer these refs are going to be calling games. Now if you know me, you know that I do not root for the Packers or the Seahawks, but I am a realist. I was hearing a lot of Seahawk fans today calling in to Canzano's show complaining about how nobody is giving the Seahawks any credit for how well they played and blah blah blah. First of all, their offense was terrible. Green Bay does not have an elite defense and still Seattle couldnt put points on the board. 257 total yards isnt anything to brag about and if the refs would have gotten the call correct they would have still only had 7 points. Second, I will give Seattle some credit for their pass rush but lets be honest, Green Bay's offensive line is straight garbage. Portland State probably could have gotten 8 sacks on them. Rodgers still completed 66% of his passes even though he couldnt get them in the endzone either. That game was about as entertaining as the terrible Alabama LSU championship game last year. Another thing that got under my skin was how annoying Pete Carroll and Golden Tate were in their interviews after the game. They are full of crap and unrealistic. Im not suggesting that they come out and say, "oh yeah it was the wrong call we got lucky" but to say that it was a "good call" and for Tate to say he didnt push off and that he caught the ball was a blatent lie. Clearly, Jennings had both hands on the ball and Tate had only one of his hands touching the ball, which obviously isnt possesion. Im really not trying to sit here and bash on the Seahawks but what happened last night just makes me sick. Hopefully we can get the regular refs back asap, even though they are not perfect, at least there wont be games blown by an obvious call like that. I mean, the refs that were in the endzone didnt even colaberate for a second the side judge immediately threw his hands up and signaled touchdown. In every close call whether it has to do with a receiver getting his feet in bounds, or whether or not a ball was trapped on a catch you always see the refs come together and ask each other what the other saw. Thats the best way to get the call right. One ref cant see every angle of every play. The season is still young, so im praying that the NFL and the regular refs can come to a settlement soon so it can at least make us fans feel better that they are going to get "most" of the calls right. And lets be honest, refs are refs so they are going to get booed anyway!

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